Round Window Insights

Developing Authentic Women Leaders

Round Window Insights Developing Authentic Women Leaders


The course at Round Window Insights was highly valuable for my professional development and invaluable for my personal development. Huge insights. Potentially life changing.

FIFA Head of women's football 2017

Sarah has a great ability to read people and give great insights.

DOW Chemicals senior manager 2017

Horse experience was a very important component of the course. Simply stunning location and facilities. Impressed with every detail put into each room. Amazing food. Wonderful to eat proper homemade meals with homegrown produce which contributed highly to the full package.

FIFA Senior Manager 2017

My recent Round Window Insights course experience will bring me to my next level.

MAREL Senior female leader 2017

It is great to meet people who can be a great idol/mentor/coach or whatever we use as a tag for the explanation of yourself. You influenced me in a super way. I hope I can become a similar person in the future.

UEFA Female footballer and leader 2016

Sarah has a deep understanding of deep drivers of people. She is also great in putting complex issues together and explaining them unambiguously.

MAERSK Senior female leader 2016

Wide experience, good reflections. Great, and coaching was spot on. Thank you.

ABB Female senior leader 2015

When a man travelling on a train from Geneva to Zurich realised that the stranger sitting opposite him worked at IMD international business school, he proceeded to take out a small piece of paper from his wallet and said to her ‘I don’t suppose you know a woman there called Sarah Varley do you? This is her name here. I always keep it with me as a reminder. She changed my life’

Unidentified man on a train 2015