Round Window Insights

Developing Authentic Women Leaders

Round Window Insights Developing Authentic Women Leaders

What We Offer

Leadership Courses & Workshops

Courses are typically run from Tuesday to Friday and use a range of tools such as 360 degree feedback, live case discussion, psychometrics, and experiential learning techniques. The aim is for you to better understand yourself and your current context and to use this increased awareness to become more effective in the workplace, and ultimately lead a more fulfilling and rewarding life. We believe that the only real tool a leader has is themselves. We work to help you to identify patterns of behaviour that are both working for you as well as those which might sometimes be working against your reaching your true effectiveness and potential.

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Courses focussing on career planning

These courses are designed for professional women who have taken a break in their careers to raise their families or who may still be working, but their careers have take a back seat and they now want to spend some precious time in a supportive environment reviewing who they are, their strengths, and their next career steps. An important aspect of these courses is the amazing bond formed between the women in the small groups of six who work together during the course and go on to support each other sometimes for a number of years into the future.

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The retreats are typically run over a long weekend. They are aimed at women who have already attended leadership training courses and wish to focus on one particular topic/issue that they might not currently have time to develop or explore. We all have that important project, strategic plan, or perhaps career goal or change that we know we should be spending some quality time working on. But inevitably, and for a whole host of reasons, it goes to the bottom rather than the top of our busy life lists. By joining one of our retreats you will have the time and support you need to develop, share and refine a realistic actionable plan.

One to one coaching

A pre and post follow up coaching call forms a part of all our workshops and retreats, and the possibility of continued coaching support post course is available.