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Developing Authentic Women Leaders

Round Window Insights Developing Authentic Women Leaders

Who We Are

Sarah Varley

Sarah Varley


Sarah has been working as a top international leadership coach and consultant for the last eighteen years. As well as running her own successful business, she was invited to work at London Business School in 1998 and spent seven years coaching on senior open and in house leadership programmes. In 2005 she was invited to work at IMD international business school in Switzerland. There she has helped develop and run many company and open leadership programmes and developed a particular interest in working with women. She has played an important role in the development of the renowned Senior Women’s Leadership programme, helping to improve and refine this programme over the last 8 years.

She is co-author of a publication on peer coaching and is qualified in all major psychometric instruments. Originally a group work and family therapist, She has since worked on a one to one basis, with over 1200 senior leaders analyzing 360 degree feed back, providing insights and helping to develop leaders from hundreds of organisations throughout the world.

A mother of three, Sarah knows only too well, the trials, tribulations and joys of successfully juggling a professional career with being a mum and running a family. She remembers well how, at the age of thirty when she became pregnant with her first child she pretended to her male boss at the time what a terrible mistake it was, as she knew how angry and disappointed he would be with her. Luckily things have changed, haven’t they?

Robyn Renaud

Robyn Renaud


As a young Physiologist, Robyn returned to her African roots to live and work amongst the Maasai of Kenya. The ingenuity, determination and power of the Maasai women underscored her convictions of the influence and potential of women towards positive change.

Later, as a professional in World Health Organization, AFRO-Region, she performed an extensive Global Needs Assessment, establishing and implementing a strategic development programme, again confirming her belief in the necessity and vast potential for further empowerment of women and deeper amalgamation within societies.

Volunteering passionately with Friends of India, for the past 15 years, this vibrant NGO supports vocational training and leadership development for underserved women in Tamil Nadu. Heartened by these experiences, Robyn created her own enterprise, committed to a holistic approach of “self-realisation”, expanding horizons in life’s kaleidoscope of possibilities while pushing the boundaries of individual and collective potential. In addition to her work with leaders and their teams in business and private sectors, Robyn is an Executive Coach in several international Business schools – including IMD and INSEAD, where Robyn has co-developing programmes for women leaders around the world.

A certified equine instructor, (EAHAE), Robyn also partners with horses to provide a pathway for self-discovery, transformation and personal and professional growth, incorporating mind, body, emotions and spirit to be the difference – and collectively, exploring avenues that facilitate our integral connectivity, meaning and purpose.

These synergies create awareness of the challenges and vast opportunities that lay before us, as leaders of our own lives and opening doors of hope and renewal across our world!